Advanced Technologies Help to Overcome Tunneling Challenges, Save Time and Money

Tunneling and tunnel boring technology has advanced to allow construction of tunnels in locations and in geology that engineers would not have thought possible just a decade ago. In addition to being able to tunnel in more difficult ground, the size of tunnel-boring machines is getting bigger and their control systems becoming more sophisticated.

Design-Build: A Realistic Solution for Owner Cost Overrun Risk?

Many public owners choose design-build (“DB”) as a delivery approach with the objective of reducing risk for cost overruns.

P3s and Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure

The delivery of infrastructure can also effectively incorporate a public private partnership (P3) model, an excellent tool for executing large and complex infrastructure projects. In such a model, the private sector partners substantially assume the responsibility for the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of a project and guarantees its execution and long-term performance.

Incorporating Risk Management into the Contact Document

This paper points out potential problems with including Risk Registers in the Contract Document, arguing that the current approach to allocating and managing risks via the Contract Document itself should not be modified.

Tunnel Lining Products

The October 2017 issue of TBM: Tunnel Business Magazine included a special section dedicated to products and services related to tunnel lining. The following is a sampling of the leading products and services available for your lining needs. 

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