Value Engineering Helps Ohio DOT Save Millions on Lytle Tunnel Project

The Lytle Tunnel, a three-tube, six-lane tunnel that carries I-71 under the Lytle Park Historic District in downtown Cincinnati, is just completing an overall two-year, $32.3 million upgrade to its wall tiles, ventilation system and tunnel lighting system.

Dewatering and the Geotechnical Baseline Report – What You Need to Know

This article will describe how a deeper understanding of the interaction between the dewatering system and the site geology can lead to improved geotechnical baseline parameters relating to dewatering.

Intelligent Tunnel Design

Intelligent Tunnel Design is a cooperative effort whereby the tunnel Owner, the tunnel Designer, and the tunnel Contractor work together in order to provide a finished facility that has long-term value for the project Owner.

Geotechnical Toolbox — Specialty Contractor Nicholson Aids in CSO Tunnel Construction

Pittsburgh-based geotechnical specialty contractor Nicholson Construction Co. has been a part of many of the country’s biggest remediation projects, including the Dugway Storage Tunnel in Cleveland and the Maline Creek CSO in St. Louis.

Groundwater: For Tunneling, It’s All about Control

Groundwater will go where it wants to go and will exert hydrostatic pressure at the most inconvenient locations. Effective groundwater control is, therefore, one of the key factors to a successful tunneling project.

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