Tunnel Achievement Award – Blue Plains Tunnel

Sewer utilities are not often among those who shake the foundation of conventional thinking. DC Water, however, took a new approach to constructing its Blue Plains Tunnel and proved that utilities can also be innovative and creative.

Bertha’s 9,270-ft Journey Under Seattle for SR 99

Bertha – the world’s most famous tunnel boring machine – reached her final destination amongst much fanfare on April 4, breaking through into the north portal near Seattle Center and the Space Needle.

Multi-Modal Tunneling in Mexico

Mexico’s Túnel Emisor Poniente (TEP) II is a study in transitions—much of the tunnel travels through andesite with bands of tuff, below mountain ranges and through fault zones.

2017 Tunneling Industry Outlook

Each year, TBM publishes a tunneling industry outlook by polling a sampling of tunneling professionals. Most agree that demand is high for tunneling.

Tunneling at Altitude: Colorado’s Michigan Ditch Tunnel Secures Water Delivery for Fort Collins

The City of Fort Collins, Colorado, was faced with a challenging repair to the Michigan Ditch high in the Rocky Mountains. Tunneling provided the solution.

Seattle Agency Opens University Link, Progressing on Northgate Link

Sound Transit Forging Ahead Since it was created 20 years ago, Sound Transit has been actively engaged in building out a transit system in the greater Seattle area. Recently, the expansion work has had a heavy focus on the underground. By the end of the year, Sound Transit will have overseen the construction...

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