A New Way Forward

It is interesting to see the history of the tunneling and the way the industry has evolved to address some of the challenges that are unique to underground construction. Through the years, the advent of the Differing Site Conditions clause, Geotechnical Baseline Reports and Dispute Review Boards have helped...

A Promising Future for Tunneling

We enter 2017 on a promising note for the tunneling market in North America with infrastructure a hot topic and tax payers supporting public transportation.

Is This the Golden Age of Tunneling?

Are we living through the Golden Age of Tunneling? The answer is yes, according to London-based physicist Laura Winkless.

Robbins-NHI Merger

The big news in the tunneling industry this summer has been the merger of The Robbins Company with China’s Northern Heavy Industries (NHI). The $150 million deal was finalized on June 28 and gives NHI 61% of Robbins’ shares. NHI is a state-owned enterprise that was created in 2006 after the merger of...

Publisher’s Message — World Tunnel Congress Coming to the USA

April 22-28, the World Tunnel Congress (WTC) will convene in San Francisco, marking the first time the International Tunneling Association (ITA) has held its annual event in the United States since 1996, when it was held in Washington, D.C. It is a time for the United States to showcase some of its many contributions to tunneling technology made over the past two decades.

Publisher’s Message – Assessing the Industry for 2016

For the past several years, we here at TBM have kicked off the New Year by inviting a panel of tunneling professionals to share their views on the North American tunneling market in the coming year(s). Most are in agreement that the market is still growing, albeit slower than in recent years and slower than in some other parts of the world.

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