Continuous Improvement — Conveyor Belt Systems Aid in TBM Productivity

The invention of the tunnel boring machine has had a profound impact on the tunneling industry around the world. When conveyor belts were introduced, however, the speed and efficiency of the machine greatly increased.

Contracts and Risk, Building Blocks for Success

While there may be no “one size fits all” solution, there are several themes that need to be addressed to arrive at a contract suitable for a particular project.

Bertha’s 9,270-ft Journey Under Seattle for SR 99

Bertha – the world’s most famous tunnel boring machine – reached her final destination amongst much fanfare on April 4, breaking through into the north portal near Seattle Center and the Space Needle.

Multi-Modal Tunneling in Mexico

Mexico’s Túnel Emisor Poniente (TEP) II is a study in transitions—much of the tunnel travels through andesite with bands of tuff, below mountain ranges and through fault zones.

Reflections on Differing Site Conditions, or Why I Believe That Mother Nature Is a Bitch

Anyone who has been involved with the design and/or construction of tunnels for more than a few years becomes well aware of the so-called Differing Site Conditions (DSC) clause.

Planning for Growth in Vancouver

Metro Vancouver is in the process of updating its infrastructure to accommodate future population growth in the region, including a new outfall tunnel.

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