Case Study on Retrofitting

Retrofitting Seattle's Mount Baker Ridge and Mercer Island Tunnels using a Saccardo Nozzle.

Tunnel Segment Gaskets: Cast vs. Non-cast

Trelleborg explains how, by using gaskets that are pre-cast into the tunnel segment during manufacture, installers can save time and money.

Choosing the Right Pump or Gunite Machine

A concrete pump and a gunite machine are work tools that can help a contractor turn a nickel’s worth of concrete material into a dime, a quarter or even a dollar using the wet or dry shotcrete process.

Ground Improvement for Groundwater Control

Whether the need for ground improvement is known in advance or unexpected, the techniques available are the same. However, the approach to the work is different.

Tunnel Shaft Dewatering Dealing with Stratified Soils Below the Water Table

Advancing a tunnel shaft is akin to an archeological dig. The process is relatively slow with the support structure advancing plate by plate with the excavation. When the shaft is completely above the water table this is a rhythmic process with few hiccups. Even if the shaft is below the water table and the...

Cement Grout vs. Chemical Grout: Which One to Use, When, and Why

Used on a myriad of new and rehabilitation construction projects, cementitious and chemical grouts share a common category and name, but the distinct differences far outweigh the common qualities.

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