Atlas Copco Announces Distribution Deal for Minova FiReP Rockbolts

Atlas Copco announced an agreement to work with Minova MAI GmbH to distribute its fiber reinforced polymer (FiReP) line of ground support products. The FiReP Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Fibre Reinforced Polymer products for mining, tunneling and civil engineering. Atlas Copco will be working closely with Klug & Associates, manufacturers’ representatives and experts in the North American tunneling market.

FiReP products are produced with high-quality fibers embedded in a polyester, vinylester or epoxy resin mix which fixes and protects the fibers. This process results in a high tensile strength longitudinally that resists stretching. The rod or tube is produced with a wave-shaped thread profile.

FiReP GFRP rock bolt systems are best suited to applications that require high tensile strength and the particular characteristics of fiberglass materials. Applied correctly they contribute substantially to the reduction of construction costs.

“We see this product as very important to us to complement our other ground support and earth retention products,” said Doug Podraza, Atlas Copco’s product manager for geotechnical consumables. “FiReP GFRP technology is ideal for those right-of-way issues we see in urban construction.”

Atlas Copco CMT is responsible for the sale, aftermarket service and rental of equipment for surface and underground rock excavation, loading and hauling of underground material, exploration drilling equipment and tooling, rock reinforcement, ground engineering products, water well, oil and gas drilling equipment and tooling. Minova International Group is part of the Australian Orica Group, one of the world’s leading mining service companies.

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