Becker Wholesale Mine Supply Partners with ExOne

Mining communication products expert Becker Wholesale Mine Supply has formed its newest partnership with ExOne Co. to provide the mining industry with the latest technology in metal, sand and laser production. BWMS and new subsidiary Becker Wholesale Mine Supply Canada Ltd. will bring ExOne’s additive manufacturing and advanced micromachining technology to this new market for some of the most common and significant needs of mining operators and suppliers, including spare and replacement parts.

ExOne’s processes include additive manufacturing with 3D printing of metal and glass, patternless sand casting and micromachining laser systems for high-speed, high-quality holes and features. The relationship will benefit all types of mining both domestically and internationally, and much potential exists for an expansion of the available services as the mining community incorporates ExOne into its operational needs. A new brand launch is also coming from ExOne in 2012, making the relationship all the more exciting.

“We look forward to the opportunities presented by working with Becker Wholesale Mine Supply,” ExOne President and COO Dave Burns said. “Mining equipment is a great application for our additive manufacturing processes. We are able to produce spare parts, replacement parts, or molds with significantly shorter lead times, saving valuable time and money.”

BWMS President Bill Hensler commented on the impact that the mining industry will see from having ExOne’s quality products and services readily available. “In a time when cost efficiencies are vitally important to mining operators and suppliers, there could be no better partner for Becker to introduce to our industry,” he said.

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