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Tunnel Life Hacks: Assisted TBM Guidance, Virtual Master Ring and Wireless Ring Monitoring

October 27, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT


The webinar covers selected tools and novelty methods that increased the efficiency and productivity on real-world tunneling projects.

Assisted TBM Guidance (with a Moving Total Station)

For a long time, a typical guidance system has been used a stable total station mounted on the tunnel wall. A system with moving station is an assistance system that enhances a laser and target based navigation system in large diameter tunneling. This system allows the total station to travel on the gantry as the TBM is progressing. Innovative methods are applied to allow the continuous TBM position calculation.

The system has been used on a European tunnel project in direct comparison to a standard guidance system with a non-moving total station. Each system has shown its benefits depending on the different conditions such alignment geometry and TBM design

Virtual Master Ring

It has been a ritual and vital tradition for decades to cast and erect master rings horizontally on a flat surface to demonstrate the compliance with dimensional tolerances. The concept of virtual rings may have the potential to replace this tradition by assembling master rings digitally instead of physically based on a best-fit approach considering the 3D coordinates from laser tracker measurements of segments or segment molds.

The webinar will show pros and cons as well as a case study from a project in the UK where a total of 30 physical master rings could be replaced by virtual rings.

Wireless Ring Monitoring

Strong forces act on installed precast segments, which can lead to deformations of the rings. Convergence measurements make it possible to recognize and evaluate the extent of such deformations. The introduction of wireless and battery powered sensors has decreased the installation time significantly. The data as well as their evaluation can be provided almost in real-time.

The newly developed system has been successfully used on an 8 km (~26,000 ft) long railway tunnel project in Germany.

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Florian Werres, Head of Business Unit, VMT GmbH, Bruchsal, Germany
Mathias Knoll, Vice President, VMT (USA) Technical Measurement Solutions, Inc., Sumner, WA, USA

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October 27, 2020
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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