Normet Receives Presidential Award

The Internationalization Award of the President of the Republic of Finland was presented to this year’s winners Feb. 9 in Helsinki. The award is a recognition given to an internationally successful Finnish company or community. This year the award was granted to Normet Group Oy in the growth company category, Beneq Oy in the newcomer category and a Finnish game cluster in the community category.

The award is conferred annually on a company or community that has been exceptionally successful in the international market, has been growing profitably, has developed Finnish expertise and operates in an environmentally sustainable manner. This year, particular emphasis was placed on an innovative operating model and new kinds of products.
Normet specializes in underground mining and tunneling processes. During the past five years it has developed from a traditional equipment manufacturer to a global fast growing service provider.

“Five years ago, we realized that the best way for us to grow and develop is to move closer to our customers in the value chain and offer more support, service and solutions for the processes where our equipment is used. In concrete spraying we can offer construction chemicals, service and maintenance, training and customer process optimization alongside mere equipment and spare parts. For this to be possible, we had to establish our own global sales and service network,” explains Normet’s Chairman, Aaro Cantell.

“Our new strategy and operating model has also brought stability to our profit performance and smoothened the effects of market fluctuations. The new approach has allowed us to respond quickly to changing demand. Both this flexibility and our professional and experienced staff, who are positive and committed to tough goals, have enabled us to grow by approximately 30 percent per year with good profitability,” continues Pertti Pitkänen, Managing Director of Normet’s company in Finland, Normet Oy.

The future growth prospects in mining and tunneling look bright. In addition to Normet’s strong expansion, mining is moving underground and underground construction is increasing, for example in densely built-up city centers, which will support the company’s 30 percent annual growth in the future.

“Already now, 95 percent of Normet’s sales are generated outside Finland. With our own network of 28 locations covering all continents, manufacturing facilities in three countries and about half of our 700 employees working abroad, we are truly an international company,” says Tom Melbye, President of the Normet Group.

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