Worldsensing Expands Monitoring Portfolio with Wireless Sensor Range

Driven by the ambition to continuously innovate its offering, Worldsensing has improved the flexibility, quality and sustainability of its wireless sensors with the launch of its new Tilt90 series.

The Tilt90 series replaces Worldsensing’s biaxial laser distance meter and tiltmeter products and comprises three models, all with a 90º range and three-axis inclination measurement capabilities. The new models are:

  • The LaserTilt90, a three-in-one laser distance meter, inclinometer and data logger enabling distance and tilt measurements in a single device.
  • The Tilt90-x, a tiltmeter with an external antenna that boasts an improvement in range from the gateway and a 10-year-plus battery life, up to twice the duration of the previous version, when sampling every one to six hours.
  • The Tilt90-i, with similar features to the Tilt90-x and an internal antenna for applications where form factor is important, such as railway track monitoring.

All three products provide a data set average that can be used to eliminate noise from measurements.

New app as part of the connectivity management offering

The new sensors rely on Worldsensing’s connectivity management portfolio which allows instrumentation and monitoring experts to remotely manage the connectivity of their deployments through cutting-edge gateways, software and a mobile configuration app. All Tilt90s sensors can be configured using the new Worldsensing App, which features all the components of the current app plus additional functionality. Setting up the sensors, such as taking sample readings, running online and offline radio coverage tests and firmware updates, can now be performed independently without having to go through the entire device configuration process.

Ideal application areas of the Tilt90 series

The LaserTilt90 is designed for tunneling construction applications such as measuring settlement from a reference point, inferring vertical settlement at a tunnel crown, monitoring convergence, checking for bearing and expansion joint movements or checking faults.

The Tilt90-x and Tilt90-i, meanwhile, are for use in monitoring the structural health of bridges, embankments, buildings affected by tunneling work, foundations and deep excavations, landslides and slopes, and, in the case of the Tilt90-i, railway tracks.

Valued for product quality

The Tilt90 product family builds on Worldsensing’s market-leading reputation for product quality. In 2020, 97% of Worldsensing customers and partners said they were satisfied with the overall product quality of the IoT remote monitoring solution, and 100% said they would buy again from the company.

“These wireless sensors are a valuable addition to our extensive range of edge devices. Along with the new app, we are continuously improving our solution while enabling our customers and partners to not only leverage wireless monitoring devices, but to efficiently manage the connectivity of their deployments,” said Worldsensing’s CEO and Co-Founder, Ignasi Vilajosana.

“The Tilt90 family complements the end-to-end critical infrastructure monitoring capabilities we can offer through our gateways, configuration apps, connectivity management software and third-party integrations, allowing users to customize their solutions to meet their monitoring needs.”

For more information on the Tilt90 product family, visit www.worldsensing.com/product-type/edge-devices/wireless-sensors/.

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