2-m Thick Diaphragm Wall: A World First for Soletanche Bachy

As part of the project to build Line 1 of the metro (Bên Thành – Suôi Tiên) in Ho Chi Minh-City, Bachy Soletanche and the major projects division of Soletanche Bachy (VINCI Construction) are undertaking diaphragm wall works for a station and an underground tunnel.

At the end of 2017, they created a 58-m deep, 2-m thick diaphragm wall – a world first for Soletanche Bachy. The project faces numerous challenges: the management of road traffic and sludge disposal, ensuring soil stability in an extremely built-up environment and compliance with verticality requirements, the walls being subject to very tight tolerances.

For Soletanche Bachy, completion of the works is scheduled for April 2018.

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