Brierley Launches Dr. Mole Inc.

Brierley Associates announced that Gary Brierley, company founder, will start a new sole-practitioner consultancy as of Jan. 1, 2013. This new relationship will be mutually beneficial for clients of Brierley Associates and for Gary Brierley personally. He will continue to work from the Brierley Associates office and collaborate with the company to provide high-quality services to clients.

Brierley has a history of entrepreneurship and startups. He enjoys immersing himself in new challenges and in all aspects of business development and corporate success. Having applied those traits to the creation and leadership of Brierley Associates, the company has grown to become a leader in underground design. But after 13 years, Brierley has begun to transition ownership in the company to a new generation of leaders and owners.

As president of Doctor Mole Inc., Brierley will create great opportunities for him and Brierley Associates to pursue project work and to interact with the market in new and innovative ways.

“We believe this is very exciting and a great way for Gary to be most useful and productive in this, the next phase of his professional career,” Brierley Associates president and CEO AJ McGinn wrote in announcing the move. “Life moves on and Gary has the energy and the desire to create one more opportunity to enjoy himself and to be productive and proactive with respect the underground industry. As Gary would say, ‘Times are changing; the competition is fierce; the opportunities are great; and those who stand still will lose or at least miss out.’ ”

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