Epiroc USA launches Try-and-Buy Program for FlexiROC T30 R

Epiroc, a leading productivity partner for the mining and infrastructure industries, has introduced the Try-and-Buy Program for the FlexiROC T30 R Construction Edition tophammer surface drill rig. The Try-and-Buy program offers free jobsite testing of the versatile drill.

The FlexiROC T30 R surface drill is an improved version of the once-popular IR ECM 580 construction rig that tracks back from Epiroc to Atlas Copco and Ingersoll Rand. Featuring the COP SC16 rock drill and a compact design, the proven rig is ideal for a wide range of drilling applications such as road construction, foundation drilling and quarrying.

The Try-and-Buy program includes a demo of the FlexiROC T30 R on the customer’s jobsite. For a limited time, participants get up to 30 engine-hours to experience the efficiency and safety benefits of the machine. If the machine is a good fit, customers can buy the machine they demo and receive special financing or a comprehensive consumables package to accompany the machine. The installation and dismantling of the rig at the customer’s site are performed by an Epiroc technician.

“The FlexiROC T30 R Construction Edition brings the same features and performance that made the legacy rig highly popular,” said Ron Hankins, Business Line Manager for Epiroc USA. “We’re excited to offer customers the opportunity to try out the drilling rig in the environment of their construction site, to see first-hand how it can improve their operations and maximize their investment.”

With a low center of gravity, the FlexiROC T30 R provides rugged mobility and stability in all conditions and terrain. The rig offers increased productivity via the extensive boom reach of up to 17 feet and an 80-degree swing radius. This type of reach translates to more holes per setup, saving time and money.
Radio remote control comes standard, giving the operator full tramming and drilling control while operating from a safe distance. This feature is especially important when jobsites have limited access points or unstable terrain. The FlexiROC T30 R can also be equipped with a hydraulic winch for secure anchoring on slopes up to 30 degrees.

The FlexiROC T30 R meets stringent Tier 4 Final engine emissions standards and features self-adjusting RPM, which lowers fuel consumption and improves efficiency. The impact and drill feed pressure automatically adjust to ensure optimal performance and increased service life of rock drilling tools, all thanks to FlexiROC T30 R’s COP Logic system.

For more information, watch a video on Epiroc USA YouTube channel, or schedule a demo.


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