Ground Improvement Course Begins May 18

Ground Improvement Course Begins May 18 The Ground Improvement Short Course, a three-day intensive course designed to provide a comprehensive review of latest developments in ground improvement and support in underground construction and mining, BEGINS May 18. TheĀ  course is being held May 18-20 on the campus of the Colorado School of Mines in Golden.

This course is intended for owners, engineers, contractors, consultants and equipment suppliers involved in the design and implementation of tunneling, mining and heavy civil construction projects. The course material will be presented by prominent speakers from underground construction and mining industries and academia.

Course topics include:

-Concept and need for ground improvement
-Site investigations for assessing ground improvement
-Specific site investigations for Dewatering/Freezing/Grouting
-Dewatering techniques in shaft construction
-Dewatering in tunneling and underground construction
-Dewatering equipment, setup, and operation
-Ground freezing techniques for shafts and tunnels
-Ground freezing equipment and operation
-Grouting principles and techniques
-Grouting equipment setup
-Jet grouting and compaction grouting
-Permeation and compensation grouting
-Deep soil mixing techniques and equipment
-Probe hole drilling and pre-excavation grouting
-Case histories of ground Dewatering/Freezing/Grouting in shaft, tunnel, cross-passage, chamber construction, and underground mining

Course directors are: Dr. Levent Ozdemir, PE., President, Ozdemir Engineering Inc. and Retired Professor, Colorado School of Mines; Dr. Ray Henn, Senior Consultant, Brierley Associates and Adjunct Professor, Colorado School of Mines; and Timothy Coss, President, Microtunneling Inc.

For more information or to register, visit http://csmspace.com/events/grndimprovsupt/

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