Mill Creek Tunnel Project Update

Southland/Mole Joint Venture has completed excavation of 7 shafts and with 1 shaft remaining ranging from 22’ to 35’ diameter and 110’ to 190’ deep for the Mill Creek/Peaks Branch/State Thomas Drainage Relief Tunnel Project. There are a total of 8 shafts on the project (5 Intake Shafts, 1 Outfall Shaft, 1 Dewatering Station Shaft, and 1 Access Shaft).

Crews are currently mining with a 32’-6” diameter TBM, (3,000 lf remaining). 23,000 LF of tunnel excavation has been completed with Main Beam TBM (10,000 lf at 37’7” and 13,000 lf at 32’-6”). The JV is currently mobilizing equipment for cast-in-place tunnel concrete lining operation.

In addition to the shafts and mainline tunnel, this $206 million project for the City of Dallas includes 6 lateral tunnels excavated by roadheader or excavators/breakers and a dewatering station. The ground is primarily Austin chalk. There are 6 working sites within city environment and tunneling under city infrastructure (including state highways, light rail tunnels/surface tracks, rail roads).

The estimated date of completion is March 04, 2023.

Owner: City of Dallas; Lead Designer: HALFF; Tunnel Designer: COWI; CM: Black and Veatch; TBM Manufacturer: The Robbins Company; Contractor: Southland Mole JV (Southland Contracting & Mole Constructors); Subcontractor: Oscar Renda Contracting, Inc.; Contractor Design Engineer: Aldea Services.

Personnel: SMJV Operations Manager: Kent Vest; SMJV Senior Project Manager: Quang D. Tran, P.E.; SMJV Project Manager: Nick Jencopale; SMJV QC Manager: Matt Jackson; SMJV General Superintendent: Mike Clingon; SMJV Senior Project Engineer: Jose Ortiz, P.E.; SMJV Field Engineers: Jason Lipp/Kade Conner.

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