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The October 2017 issue of TBM: Tunnel Business Magazine included a special section dedicated to products and services related to tunnel lining. The following is a sampling of the leading products and services available for your lining needs.


In addition to being an established market leading manufacturer of hydraulic cutting attachments and roadheaders, Antraquip’s tunneling division also continues to supply lattice girders, steel rib support, and arch canopy systems (tube umbrella system) for some of the most high-profile and technically challenging projects throughout North America. Antraquip is the only licensee in North America for the patented PANTEX lattice girder system, which Antraquip and its partners proudly produce in the United States. Antraquip’s dedicated staff and experienced engineers can provide support solutions for the most complex tunnel support challenges.

Bekaert Maccaferri Underground Solutions Bekaert Maccaferri Underground Solutions

The well-known Dramix steel fibers are now produced in the United States. If your project needs ‘Buy America’ compliance, local production is available for both the Dramix® 3D and 4D product range in the Bekaert facility in Shelbyville, Kentucky. The Dramix 3D steel fibers are excellent for shotcrete linings, while the 4D fibers are at their best in segmental linings. Information is available on reference projects in the United States.


With a global footprint and vast resources, CH2M offers a full range of tunneling and geotechnical services from feasibility studies and detailed design to program and construction management services. CH2M’s industry-leading technical capabilities enable it to develop custom-tailored solutions, including evaluating, selecting and designing the most cost-effective one- or two-pass lining solution for any type of tunnel or other underground structure. CH2M has a proven track record for being at the forefront of tunnel lining innovation and providing state-of-the art lining solutions to clients for more than 60 years, particularly around segmentally lined bored tunnels. CH2M’s tunnel lining designers also work closely with in-house materials technologists to ensure that the firm’s solutions meet client requirements for durability and service life, while providing practical and constructible solutions. CH2M also is ranked among the top firms in environmental consulting and program management.

David R. Klug & Associates David R. Klug & Associates

David R. Klug & Associates, Inc. provides international and national manufacturer’s representative services to the underground heavy civil and mine construction industries. The company specializes in the sale and coordination of specialty products, equipment and services for soft ground, conventional and NATM/SEM tunneling practices. Expertise is offered in the supply of various componentry used in the manufacture of one-pass precast segmental tunnel linings inclusive of EPDM gaskets, plastic and steel connectors, grout lifting assemblies and precision steel segment casting moulds plus final lining forming systems for C-I-P final lining applications. Through their distribution company, Klug Construction Systems, LLC offers GFRP rock bolts and soft-eyes, steel and synthetic fiber reinforcement, prefabricated welded wire fabric and rebar reinforcing panels plus specialty grout systems for various tunnel backfill grout requirements for highway, rail, subway, water and CSO tunnel construction applications.

DSI Liner Plates DSI Liner Plates

Without adequate protection, tunnel construction, slough-ins and other concentrated loads are volatile, and results can be disastrous. DSI’s Liner Plates provide optimum stability and protection for tunnel construction. Steel liner plates provide a relatively light-weight, easy-to-handle, safe support for soft ground tunneling. With decades of experience in the tunneling industry, DSI has mastered the plate design with variations to fit all shapes of tunnels in dry or wet ground. DSI Liner Plates also offer advantages such as economy of construction in time, excavation, material and manpower. They are manufactured to provide maximum support per given length with minimum weight of steel. During the critical mining phase in soft ground tunneling, DSI Liner Plates deliver continuous support and predictable strength. All of DSI’s ground support systems are designed to make tunneling safer. Thanks to its local presence around the globe, DSI can satisfy your needs for ground control quickly and efficiently.

EC Applications EC Applications LLC

EC Applications, a DBE certified specialty contractor, offers turnkey supply and installation of flexible Hydro-Carbon Resistant (HCR) geomembrane lining systems for water / gas proofing of underground stations and tunnels. EC Applications’ proprietary geosynthetic materials include a geomembrane liner (made in America) with an integrated signal layer – completely free from plasticizers. ECA’s full-time staff of professional craftsmen utilize installation/seaming methods that are unrivaled in the industry. ECA lining systems have been installed in major projects throughout North America, including multiple projects for Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority.

EPC BarChip EPC – BarChip

EPC have never accepted corrosion. Structural steel reinforcement has been used in concrete for over 100 years, and for over 100 years corrosion of steel reinforcement has been an issue. EPC designs around it with increased cover, special mixes and other complicated preventative measures. No matter what, corrosion still sets in. There must be a better way. EPC USA Director Pat Lewandowski states: “Eliminating corrosion has always been a fundamental driver in the growth of BarChip fiber use. Most designers ask, ‘How can we design our structure to minimize the effects of corrosion?’ At EPC we ask, ‘How can we eliminate corrosion entirely from our structure?’ ” BarChip structural synthetic fiber concrete reinforcement is the leading fiber in the global market and eliminates the risk of corrosion. BarChip has reinforced over 100 road, rail and utility tunnels and is the only fiber to completely replace steel reinforcement in precast segmental tunnel linings.

Herrenknecht Formwork Herrenknecht Formwork

Herrenknecht Formwork is the leading supplier of high-quality tunnel lining production systems for mechanized tunneling worldwide. Besides high-precision molds and turnkey production plants, Herrenknecht Formwork also offers innovative systems for concrete protection and a precast experts personnel service. With a team of approximately 40 experts for sales, design, project management and after-sales service in Schwanau, as well as production facilities in Slovenia, Italy and China, Herrenknecht Formwork is equipped to supply challenging tunnel projects all over the world and to produce up to 1,000 high-precision segment moulds a year. Keeping the entire tunnel lining process in mind, our product and service portfolio includes design and supply of the whole segment factory including foundation, building, batching plant, cranes, MEPs, molds, handling equipment, segment tracking systems, etc. Herrenknecht manages the project on a partnership basis from the first concept until commissioning of the plant and training of the operator’s personnel.


Today’s complex underground structures and tunnels must account for probable incidents affecting tunnel services and liners, especially tunnel fires. Proper tunnel design considers the effects of design fire events and related temperature impacts on tunnel liners and other essential permanent structures. These structures must be designed to protect users and operators during a fire event. Design also should allow for repairs to be implemented in a timely manner so the facility can return to normal operation as soon as possible and economic impacts are minimized. In addition, design must be efficient and economical. HNTB’s award-winning tunnel expertise includes full service fire/life safety solutions, including ventilation analysis with active and passive fire protection systems, roadway lighting modeling, systems power, fire alarm and controls.

Hobas CCFRPM Pipe Hobas CCFRPM Pipe

Hobas centrifugally cast, fiberglass-reinforced, polymer mortar pipe is ideal for nearly every trenchless or tunneling application including microtunneling, jacking, sliplining and tunnel lining for both pressure and gravity applications. It provides inherent corrosion resistance, superior hydraulics and a long, maintenance-free life. Key applications are sanitary sewers, corrosive environments and potable water. Sections join with push-together, leak free, gasket sealed couplings. After more than 50 years of reliable service, the use of Hobas pipe is expanding faster than ever and it can be found in most U.S. municipalities. Non-pressure and pressure classes are manufactured in diameters from 18 to 126 in.

Technical Tunnelling Components Ltd. Technical Tunnelling Components Ltd.

Technical Tunnelling Components (TTC) Ltd. is at the forefront of quality assured segment accessory supply worldwide. TTC’s expertise is focussed solely on the segmentally lined tunnel industry and with the enviable in-house design and manufacturing capabilities it gives TTC a flexible and competitive edge when it comes to segment accessory supply. This also enables TTC to offer products for specialist and challenging situations as well as supplying standard parts. TTC has over 40 years’ experience of manufacturing and supplying segment accessories including, connection bolts and sockets, grout/lifting socket assemblies, segment packers, grummets and other ancillary items, along with the award-winning Dowelock connection, alignment and shear system, making TTC a true one-stop shop for segment accessories. TTC is also constantly working at the forefront of material innovation and has started using specialist hydrolysis resistant plastic materials to help cope with the steam curing of concrete segments. In addition to developing the Rad-Lok connector for hidden radial joint connections.

Thompson Pipe Group Thompson Pipe Group

Thompson Pipe Group is one of the largest providers of pressure and gravity pipe solutions in North America. Privately owned, Thompson Pipe Group has production plants located throughout the United States and an extensive transportation, technical and field support network covering all of North American. Thompson Pipe Group’s comprehensive product range includes Flowtite FRP pipe, Flow-Crete jacking pipe, bar-wrapped concrete pipe, steel pressure pipe, and more. Thompson Pipe Group is an experienced provider of gravity, force main and pressure solutions of all types, and offers the industry’s most comprehensive range of trenchless solutions.


As a driving technological force for more than 20 years, VMT has the experience, the capacities and the know-how to develop innovative system and product solutions that support construction companies all over the world to build tunnels and shafts of every size for ever more complex infrastructure projects: VMT’s navigation systems for driving equipment, its production and logistics management system for segment production and further innovative system solutions for safety, monitoring and data management play key roles here. The VMT products can be combined into efficient, modern, net-worked solutions that ensure streamlined processes and seamless quality assurance for every tunnel project.

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