2019 ASA Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards

The American Shotcrete Association (ASA) announced the recipients of its 2019 Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards.

The recipients were honored at the 15th Annual ASA Awards Banquet held in conjunction with World of Concrete, Feb. 4 in Las Vegas, Nev. These awards confirm and demonstrate the exceptional advantages of shotcrete placement of concrete.

“We’re excited to showcase these outstanding 2019 winning projects. They exemplify how shotcrete placement creates high quality, durable concrete construction in a wide variety of applications. The projects demonstrate the inherent benefits of shotcrete, including enhanced sustainability, creativity, efficiency, strength and flexibility,” said Charles Hanskat, ASA Executive Director.

The winners were selected by an awards committee comprised of shotcrete professionals who dedicated their time and invaluable expertise, including Lars Balck, Cathy Burkert, Axel Nitschke, Ryan Poole, Scott Rand and John Zhang.

The 2019 Outstanding Shotcrete Project recipients include:

Outstanding Architecture | New Construction Project
Uber Mission Bay Tower Terraces, San Francisco, California
This project demonstrated the value of shotcrete as it was used to construct curved and sloping structural terrace walls with planter seats on the seventh floor of the two Uber Mission Towers Buildings at the New Chase Center in San Francisco.

Project credits: Joseph J. Albanese Inc., Shotcrete Contractor; Huntsman Architectural Group, SWA Architects, Architect/Engineer; Central Concrete – U.S. Concrete, Materials Supplier; REED Shotcrete Equipment, Equipment Manufacturer; DPR, General Contractor; and Uber Technologies Inc., Project Owner.

Outstanding Infrastructure Project
1395 22nd Street, San Francisco, California
The flexibility of shotcrete allowed for the successful installation of horizontal and vertical grade beams along a hillside in San Francisco for the first five stories of apartment buildings and then anchored into the hillside with prestressed tiebacks.

Project credits: Dees-Hennessey, Inc., Shotcrete Contractor; Perry Architects, Architect/Engineer; Cemex, Materials Supplier; REED Shotcrete Equipment, Equipment Manufacturer; Pacific Structures, General Contractor; and RP Pennsylvania, LLC, Project Owner.

The Outstanding International Project
Pretoria Entrance Canopy, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Shotcrete was used to achieve a unique shape of a concrete portico over the entrance of a government building that included two large pillars and gutters acting as the keystone to the structure with long spans of unsupported cantilevered concrete between the pillars.

Project credits: Shotcrete Africa SCP, Shotcrete Contractor; Pieter Breytenbach – DETER Architects, Architect/Engineer; Metier Mixed Concrete, Materials Supplier; REED Shotcrete Equipment, Equipment Manufacturer; and Bhekinani Civils & Projects, General Contractor.

Outstanding Pool & Recreational Project
Purlear Creek, Purlear, North Carolina
The versatility of shotcrete was vital in the construction of this water feature including a vanishing edge pool and 14-foot high jumping rock that was hand carved by skilled artisans.

Project credits: Revolution Gunite, Shotcrete Contractor; Clearwater Construction Group and Watershape Consulting, Architect/Engineer; LafargeHolcim and Natural Reinforce Fibers & Co., Materials Supplier; Gunite Supply & Equipment and King, Equipment Manufacturer; and Clearwater Construction Group, Inc.,
General Contractor.

Outstanding Repair & Rehabilitation Project
Falls Village Penstock #1 Structural Shotcrete Rehabilitation Project, Falls Village, Connecticut
Shotcrete was used to perform a structural shotcrete liner within a steel-riveted penstock at the Falls Village Hydro Electric Plant that was buried in its entire length on a steep bank and crossed underneath a live highway.

Project credits: Knowles Industrial Services Corporation, Shotcrete Contractor; Kleinschmidt Associates, Inc., Architect/Engineer; The Quikrete Companies, Materials Supplier; Allentown, Equipment Manufacturer;
Knowles Industrial Services Corporation, General Contractor; and First Light Power Resources, Inc., Project Owner.

Outstanding Underground Project
Maryland Purple Line Plymouth Tunnel, Silver Spring, Maryland
The Plymouth Tunnel highlighted the multiple benefits of shotcrete as it was robotically applied using the sequential excavation method for both the initial and final support.

Project credits: Traylor Bros., Inc. (JV partner in the Purple Line Transit Constructors), Shotcrete Contractor; Mott MacDonald, Architect/Engineer; LafargeHolcim, Sika, Mapei, King, Materials Supplier;
Atlas Copco, Fiori, ACT, Equipment Manufacturer; Purple Line Transit Constructors (Fluor/Lane/Traylor JV), General Contractor; and Maryland Transportation Authority/Purple Line Transit Partners, Project Owner.

Honorable Mentions
Duck Island Screw Pump Rehabilitation, Lowell, Massachusetts
The versatility and accuracy of shotcrete placement in this critical infrastructure facility provided superior performance and significantly increased the service life when compared to the conventional system using a composite of concrete and grout.

Project credits: South Shore Gunite Pools & Spas, Inc., Shotcrete Contractor; Hazen and Sawyer, Architect/Engineer; LafargeHolcim, Materials Supplier; Gunite Supply & Equipment, Equipment Manufacturer; Waterline Industries, General Contractor; and City of Lowell, MA, Project Owner.

The Making of Swamp Thing, Wilmington, North Carolina
In just 9 days, more than 18,000-square-foot of colored and hand-carved concrete was placed with shotcrete to create an indoor swamp for a movie set.

Project credits: Revolution Gunite, Shotcrete Contractor; Palladin Productions, LLC, and Clearwater Construction Group, Architect/Engineer; Natural Reinforce Fibers & Co., Materials Supplier; Gunite Supply & Equipment, Equipment Manufacturer; Studio Gems, General Contractor; and Palladin Productions, LLC, Project Owner.

Ayla Golf Academy & Clubhouse, Aqaba, Jordan
The Ayla Golf Academy and Clubhouse design makes innovative use of shotcrete to create a continuous shell that emerges from the sand as a set of rolling, dune-like forms.

Project credits: Greuter AG, Shotcrete Contractor; Oppenheim Architecture, Architect/Engineer; Nino Construction Engineers, Equipment Manufacturer; Modern Tech Construction, General Contractor; and Ayla Oasis Development Company, Project Owner.

Full project details can be found in the Winter 2020 issue of Shotcrete magazine. ASA will accept 2020 ASA Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards program applications from April to October 2020.

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