ACCIONA Offers Tunneling Machine Control Center

acciona-dataThe Tunneling Machine Control Center uses Big Data to collect and analyze data obtained in real time by ACCIONA Construcción’s large tunneling machines. Thanks to the Tunneling Machine Control Center, ACCIONA has the ability to gather information from over 65,000 sensors every 250 ms (milliseconds), which is an annual compilation of data per tunneling machine of approximately 45TB/year. Once the data is collected, it is filtered and analyzed to obtain the following benefits:

  • Simulation of the progress of the tunneling machines in operation.
  • Predictive maintenance: avoiding unexpected shut-downs and anticipating operating issues of the tunneling machines.
  • Obtaining real-time operation reports, including data on the performance of key parts or elements of the tunneling machines.
  • Thanks to the analysis of data obtained by the different tunneling machines, ACCIONA can determine operation and maintenance costs more accurately for future projects.

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Furthermore, this system allows for the remote control of the tunneling machine in operation, in addition to the logging of the route of the tunneling machines by recording their positions and trends and rolling levels during progress, with the possibility of checking either for an individual ring or for the whole set, by visualizing this data, the route and position of the machine on Google Maps.

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