Akkerman Hosts 100 Guests for Three-Day Educational Series Celebrating 45 Years

McMillen Jacobs Associates’ Glenn Boyce and Akkerman Inc. president and CEO Maynard Akkerman were among the participants at the recent “Akktoberfest.”

Akkerman Inc., the manufacturer of guided boring, microtunneling, pipe jacking, sliplining and tunneling equipment invited customers and industry professionals for a three-day event series featuring educational sessions, equipment training, demonstrations and factory tours in celebration of its 45-year anniversary. Akkerman hosted approximately 100 guests at their manufacturing facilities in Brownsdale, Minnesota, on Sept. 18-20, 2018.

The equipment demonstrations included three 240A Guided Boring Systems with original P100D diesel, P100E electric, and the new Tier IV P4075D power packs, a 240A jacking frame and rock drill adapter with TriHawk drill bit set-up for guided rock auger boring on Michael Byrne Manufacturing’s new D42-700 Auger Boring Machine, a GBM 4800 Series Jacking Frame with the High Torque Casing Adapter for direct casing installation alongside a 36-in. Rock Boring Unit, displays of weld-on reaming heads, high thrust bearing Guide Rod Swivels, a variety of GBM upsizing tools, bentonite and lubrication pumps, several TT Technologies, Inc. pneumatic pipe hammers, Logan Clay jacking pipe, the SLS 50/100 sliplining system with a HOBAS pipe section, a peripheral drive SL86P microtunnel boring machine, microtunneling control containers, Akkerman Bentonite Injection System, AZ100 Total Guidance System, and complete Tunnel Boring System with a TBM 540. Guest were also able to preview the GBM Guidance System with data logging capabilities of thrust pressure, rotation pressure, target images and the number of pilot tubes installed.

Tuesday and Wednesday featured GBM, MTBM and TBM Hands-On Equipment Training led by Akerman’s field technicians and a Trenchless Technical Seminar. The Trenchless Technical Seminar covered the ASCE’s guided boring best practices by Jeff Boschert, P.E. with NCPI, effective site investigation by Robert Martin, P.E., Jacobs, guided auger boring and pipe ramming with Jim Weist, Michael Byrne Manufacturing and Rick Melvin of TT Technologies, Inc., guided boring with clay pipe by David Gill, Logan Clay Pipe, Sliplining with Gabriel Castelblanco, HOBAS, ASCE microtunneling guidelines by Dr. Glenn Boyce, Ph.D., McMillen Jacobs Associations, lubrication by Yovani Zelaya, LAN Inc. and Weston Alberts, Akkerman, and the AZ100 TGS guidance system by Troy Stokes and Brad Wheeler, Akkerman.

On Thursday Akktoberfest attendees enjoyed tours, demonstrations, and a contractor’s roundtable throughout the day and the evening’s 45th Akkotberfest Celebration with German and local Minnesota fare and beverages, and a private concert by Martin Zellar and the Hardways.

During his remarks, Maynard Akkerman, CEO and President reflected on how it’s been his privilege to be a part of this industry and see it flourish over the years. He detailed, “My father started D.H. Akkerman Construction Company in the 1950s, and later designed the first Akkerman 360 Tunnel Boring Machine in 1963 to fulfill his own need to install pipe on a project crossing. Our roots as a contractor is one of the key points that distinguishes us from our competition; we’ve been there, and even today we continue to garner contractor feedback to inform our equipment designs. I’m so proud of how far we’ve come, and all the amazing innovation offered in our products today. Our success is thanks to our highly-skilled team and their dedication to producing the best pipe jacking and tunneling equipment and the continued faith and loyalty of our valued customers.”

Established in 1973, Akkerman Inc. develops, manufactures and supports advanced guided boring, microtunneling, pipe jacking, sliplining and tunneling underground construction solutions that accurately install 4-in. through 14-ft pipe diameters for a broad range of ground conditions and project challenges. Akkerman systems are available for purchase, lease-to-purchase, or rent. Contact Akkerman to partner with you on your next project at 800.533.0386 or visit the website.

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