‘American Young Tunnelers’ Formed

The American Young Tunnelers is a professional organization which is currently being formed within the Tunneling and Underground Construction industries. AYT is looking for groups and individuals within the industry who would be interested in and would offer support to the new group.

The model for AYT has been introduced by Anthony Bauer of Gall Zeidler Consultants, and is closely related to the British Tunnelling Society’s Young Members (BTSYM) committee. Having traveled to the United Kingdom, he became aware of the group and attended several BTS meetings and BTSYM events. It is his opinion that the United States market could greatly benefit from such an organization, which would act as a professional development and promotional group consisting of members under the age of 35.

AYT intends to focus on three core areas:


– Host monthly presentations from industry experts and researchers to share project experience, lessons learned, or cutting-edge research topics.


– Provide networking and job seeking opportunities for young professionals in the Tunneling and Underground Construction industry.


– Develop close relationships with colleges and universities with strong tunneling, mining and geotechnical engineering courses to increase the visibility of the industry to engineering students first deciding which field to pursue.

– Work closely with colleges and universities that perform industry-related research to provide a link between research and practical applications.

AYT will seek the sponsorship of a parent organization within the United States, and will also participate in the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA) Young Members group which was proposed by Damian McGirr and Petr Salak of the British Tunnelling Society at the 2013 World Tunnel Congress and is currently being formed.

AYT is in the early stages of organization, but it encourages those interested to visit www.americanyoungtunnelers.org or to contact Anthony Bauer at abauer@americanyoungtunnelers.org.

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