Arup/WSP to Provide Planning and Engineering Services for BART Link21 Program

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) has selected Arup/WSP Joint Venture (JV) to provide planning and engineering services for the Link21 program. A multi-project initiative led by BART and the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA), Link21 aims to transform the passenger rail network in Northern California’s 21-county megaregion into a better-connected system that is both faster and more integrated.

As part of the program, Arup/WSP JV will be performing planning and engineering services for Link21’s New Transbay Rail Crossing, which will connect Oakland and San Francisco through a new rail service across the San Francisco Bay. The New Transbay Rail Crossing will help address the high levels of congestion in the existing Transbay corridor, as well as provide a direct connection for regional rail riders.

“We are proud to partner with BART to help advance their groundbreaking Link21 program. From rail engineering and planning to equity analysis and resilience, our broad range of expertise will enable us to deliver this key program that will significantly and positively impact communities across the Northern California Megaregion,” Aidan Hughes, Arup/WSP JV Project Manager, said.

As one of the largest transportation investments currently underway in the United States, Link21 aims to provide a safe, efficient, equitable, affordable, and reliable means of travel for the 12.7 million people living in the Northern California Megaregion – expanding access to jobs and housing while improving air quality and increasing capacity. A framework to promote equity for all populations and communities is also interwoven throughout all aspects of the program.

Link21 Timeline
2022 – Program Identification Begins
2024 – Project(s) Selection begins
2029 – Project(s) Delivery begins
2040 – Ready for Service
-Source: link21progam.org

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