ASCE Publishes Updated Standard for Concrete Pipe Jacking

Standard Practice for Direct Design of Precast Concrete Pipe for Jacking in Trenchless Construction, Standards ASCE/CI 27-17, addresses the direct design of precast concrete pipe that will be installed using jacking, a type of trenchless construction. To successfully install pipes using jacking techniques, engineers must design for loading conditions both during and after installation, and contractors need to ensure skillful placement, as well as precise fabrication of pipes.

This book covers piping intended for the conveyance of sewage, industrial wastes, stormwater and drainage, as well as for utilities and access ways. Design and analysis methods are considered for the interaction between pipe, soil and group envelope, and procedures for calculating the required reinforcement in the pipe wall are included. Appendixes offer standard practice for manufacturing suitable pipe, managing jacking operations, and estimating the required jacking force.

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This Standard, a revision of ASCE 27-00, is useful as a reference to civil engineering design professionals, consultants, owners and transportation officials that plan to use pipe jacking in trenchless installations.

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