Brierley Associates Grows in Southern California

To enhance Brierley Associates’ success and growth in Southern California, the firm recently relocated Associate Partner Sean Harvey, PG, CEG, from its Moraga office to the Woodland Hills office, which was started by Dr. Patrick Smith, PE, GE, earlier this year. Harvey has always been eager to help the company grow and expand, as when he moved from Colorado to California to help with the establishment of Brierley’s first California office in 2010, and he expressed the same enthusiasm on this move to the greater Los Angeles area.

Harvey holds a master’s degree in Mining and Earth Systems Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and is a Certified Engineering Geologist (CEG) in the State of California. Harvey is also a licensed Professional Geologist in California and Wyoming. During his career spanning 13 years, Harvey has been involved with various aspects of tunneling, underground construction, engineering geology and mining. Most significantly, Harvey served as the lead contractor SEM tunnel geologist during construction of the Caldecott Fourth Bore tunnel project located in the San Francisco Bay Area. The new tunnel is expected to be open to commuters late this year. Harvey is currently working on several tunneling and geotechnical site characterization projects in the Los Angeles area, and is actively involved in Brierley Associates’ plans to grow and develop new business in the Southern California region.

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