Brokk 500 Demolition Machine Introduced



Brokk, a leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition robots, recently introduced the Brokk 500, which features 40 percent more demolition power than the Brokk 400 as well as the Brokk SmartPower electrical system, a more powerful breaker, extended reach and serviceability.

“The Brokk 500 is a remarkable demonstration of how far we have come in getting the most demolition power possible out of a Brokk machine without adding to its size, largely thanks to our new Brokk SmartPower system,” said Martin Krupicka, Brokk Group CEO. “It is also yet another proof point of the resources we invest in product development; the Brokk 500 is the fourth new machine we released in just over a year’s time.”

The new Brokk 500 adds 40 percent more breaking power than its predecessor, the Brokk 400. The machine delivers 1,086 ft-lbs (1,472 joules) with each blow of the 1,510-lb (685-kilogram) Atlas Copco SB 702 hydraulic breaker. On top of that, it adds more length to Brokk’s signature three-part arm system, now reaching 24.3 ft (7.4 m) vertically and 23 ft (7 m) horizontally, making it ideal for work where extra reach is important.

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Still, the Brokk 500 retains most of the compact proportions of the Brokk 400. Weighing 11,464 lbs (5,200 kilograms), it is only slightly heavier, and the width of the machine is the same. It also is “backward compatible,” so all the tools and attachments used for the Brokk 400 can also be used on the new Brokk 500.

The Brokk 500 comes with Brokk’s new intelligent electrical system, Brokk SmartPower, which is a key part in creating the machine’s performance improvement. It maximizes the power output of the machine at any given time based on both environmental and operating factors.

The Brokk SmartPower system is uniquely designed for the extremely tough operating environments of a demolition robot. Its components are either designed by or modified by Brokk to withstand the demolition forces over time. In addition, it helps the operator start the machine on a poor power supply while at the same time it protects the Brokk machine from any harmful faulty power.

The Brokk 500 incorporates the industry-leading reliability and serviceability that Brokk has become known for over the years. New on this machine is that operators can complete all daily and weekly maintenance without having to lift the covers of the machine. Replacing any damaged hydraulic hoses is now simpler than ever.

Add other items, such as the strengthened new Brokk machine design, the reinforced casted details, and the new headlight protections, and the result is a machine truly hardened for the tough Brokk environment.

The Brokk 500 will be available beginning May 2017.

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