Columbus (OH) Seeks Bids for Lockbourne Intermodal Subtrunk

columbus-ohioThe work for the Lockbourne Intermodal Subtrunk (Capital Improvements Project No. 650491-100002) consists of the installation of 10,218 lineal feet of 78-in. sanitary sewer tunnel using direct jacked microtunneling method, installation of 8 flow control/junction/drop/access/manhole structures, installation of 7,016 lineal feet of 60-in. sanitary sewer pipe by a combination of bore and jack and pipe-in-trench (open-cut) construction, and associated manholes and other such work as may be necessary to complete the contract, in accordance with the contract specifications.

WHERE & WHEN TO SUBMIT BID: Bids will only be received electronically by the City of Columbus, Department of Public Utilities via Bid Express (www.bidexpress.com). Bids are due November 30, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. local time. Bidders are welcome to attend the public bid opening, to be held at 910 Dublin Road, 1st Floor Auditorium, Columbus, Ohio 43215.

SPECIFICATIONS: Plans and technical specifications are available as separate documents at www.bidexpress.com.

PREVAILING WAGE REQUIREMENT: Federal Davis-Bacon Wage Rates and Requirements apply. A 10% proposal guarantee is required for this bid, and a 100% performance and payment bond will be required for the making of a contract.

PREQUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Pursuant to Columbus City Code Sections 329.20, 329.21, and 329.211, the bidder must demonstrate that it has satisfied the city’s construction pre-qualification requirements (note that this includes licensed trade subcontractors); that it is pre-qualified responsible or provisionally responsible at the time of bid due date, and is eligible to bid on City construction projects.

For additional information concerning this bid, including procedures for obtaining a copy of the bidding documents and how to submit a proposal, you must go to the City of Columbus Vendor Services web page , and view this bid number in the “View & submit bids electronically” listing under the ” Open Requests for Quotations” tab.

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