Dragados USA Low Bidder for LA Effluent Outfall Tunnel

Dragados USA was identified as the apparent low bidder for the  Joint Water Pollution Control Plant Effuent Outfall Tunnel for County Sanitation District No. 2 of Los Angeles County. Bids were submitted in October with final award scheduled for Dec. 12.

Dragados USA submitted a bid of $630,500,000, just under FCC Southland Mole JV’s bid of $630,860,959. Other bids included Lane Obayashi JV ($653,000,000), Skanska Kenny JV ($655,997,000) and Frontier-Kemper Michels JV ($665,700,000).

The project consists of constructing approximately 7 miles of 18-ft internal diameter precast concrete segmental lining tunnel from a single heading with a pressurized face TBM and all appurtenant work. The project will be located within Los Angeles County, California.

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