German Chancellor Merkel Visits Herrenknecht Plant in Schwanau

E-Power Pipe: Herrenknecht’s new method for the trenchless installation of underground cables greatly impressed the Chancellor.

German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel visited the Herrenknecht AG plant on Oct. 7, 2019. During the tour, company founder and Chairman of the Board of Management Dr.- Ing. E.h. Martin Herrenknecht showed the Chancellor the tunneling technology developed and manufactured by Herrenknecht to enable challenging projects. A particular highlight for the over 100 apprentices present was the Chancellor’s visit to the training workshop and chatting with Dr. Merkel in person.

Following the tour of the plant premises, the Chancellor spoke to 200 invited guests and media representatives and addressed topics such as the shortage of skilled workers, the acceleration of public planning and approval procedures as well as investments in research and innovation. Herrenknecht thanked Dr. Merkel for her visit and emphasized the importance of the active backing of the Chancellor and the German Government in the current challenging market and competitive conditions for family-run businesses, SMEs, the region and the over 5,000 Herrenknecht employees.

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