Intuitive purpose-built tunnel modeling software that is fully interoperable with analysis and design

Tunnel design is interdisciplinary, including engineering, geotechnical, and hydrogeology. But the industry has been fragmented and relies on several non-tunnel specific tools which cause both technical and operational challenges. Current BIM workflows include solutions that do not integrate with one another. Given that tunnel design and construction require multiple iterations over the same processes to accommodate changes in information, one can see how those challenges are multiplied and magnified. Fixing the problem requires an all-in-one workflow so that you have more time to comprehensively analyze your project for potential errors and create alternatives for optimum design, safety, and performance prior to construction. Your digital solution needs to support an efficient, comprehensive, and collaborative workflow from start to finish. That’s why Bentley created a complete set of tunnel design and engineering solutions. Watch the video to learn more.

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