Lithos Engineering Welcomes Wilkes


Lithos Engineering recently welcomed its newest team member, Austin Wilkes. After graduating from the Colorado School of Mines with a degree in Geological Engineering, he began his career with a large consulting engineering firm in Denver, working on complex projects that included: underground construction and tunneling, geotechnical and geologic site evaluations, mine reclamation, tailings dam design and construction, water conveyance systems, and embankment dam design and construction.

Over the past five years, he gained significant expertise in planning and conducting geologic and geotechnical investigations, providing construction oversight, performing geotechnical designs, preparing construction drawings and specifications, and developing geotechnical data reports, geotechnical baseline reports, and design reports. Currently Wilkes is assisting Lithos with several long, large diameter pipeline projects with over 50 of tunneled crossings.

Outside of work, Wilkes enjoys going to Rockies games, attending concerts across the Denver area, and camping and hiking across the western United States. He can be contacted at

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