Lorain, Ohio – Black River Tunnel


Black River Tunnel

Walsh/Super Excavators JV

In August 2012, the JV partnership received notice to proceed for the Black River Tunnel Project. The project includes a two-pass tunnel with a length of 5,500 ft to be excavated with a 23-ft double-shielded Robbins TBM.  The final tunnel liner will be cast-in-place concrete with an ID of 19 ft.

As of September 12, construction of the 200 ft starter tunnel is complete, and the TBM cradle installed.  Final concrete liner of the starter tunnel was poured by subcontractor Headlands Contracting and Tunneling Co. Cutterhead assembly is finished, and the 232,000-lb piece was safely lowered into the shaft on Aug. 20. Crews are moving forward with the OFTA (Over-the-hole, first time assembly) process as they continue to advance the machine, and lower and install the backup equipment.  Crews have also completed construction of the receiving shaft, and are now in the final stages of assembling the conveyor system that will transport shale to the surface.  Tunneling is expected to commence in October 2013.

Project Tunnel Supervisor: Gregg Rehak; Project Managers: Mike Garbeth, Mark Hedrick; Tunnel Superintendent: Jeff Reagan; Project Superintendent: Doug Meyers; Survey Manager: Mike Klement; Safety Managers: Steve Garlock, Anthony Revay Jr. Information: mike@superexcavators.com.

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