NEORSD Awards Westerly Storage Tunnel to Jay Dee-Obayashi

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Board of Trustees at its March 15 meeting awarded the Westerly Storage Tunnel contract to a joint venture of Jay DeeObayashi. Jay Dee-Obayashi’s bid was $135,000,000.

The project includes approximately 9,600 lf of 25-ft ID CSO storage tunnel excavated in rock and supported with a bolted, gasketed, one-pass steel fiber reinforced concrete segmental lining.

In addition to the tunnel, there are three deep shafts:

  • WST-1: 46-ft diameter online access shaft at the TBM retrieval site.
  • WST-2: 12-ft diameter baffle drop structure, connected to the main tunnel via a 5-ft diameter, 50-ft long adit in rock.
  • WST-3: 40-ft diameter baffle drop structure at the TBM launch site.

Ancillary work includes Gate Structure and Gate Control Structure, at both the WST-2 and WST-3 sites, to regulate flow entering the tunnel, approximately 90 lf of 46-in. diameter sewer, and miscellaneous modifications to existing sewers.

The design contract was awarded to a joint venture of Mott MacDonald and MWH Global/Stantec  in 2015.

The contract is part of NEORSD’s Project Clean Lake, a 25-year program that will reduce pollution in Lake Erie by 4 billion gallons per year. A combination of large tunnels, treatment plant improvements and expansion, and green infrastructure is reducing the volume of combined sewer overflow discharging to the lake.

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