New Spending Bill Includes Money for Gateway Tunnel

In passing a federal funding bill on Feb. 15, Congress reinforced its commitment to the Gateway Program by including approximately $540 million for the project, according to nj.com.

“We’re grateful for the tireless commitment of the bipartisan New York and New Jersey Congressional
delegations in the Senate and House, their colleagues on the Committees responsible for this bill, and
to the Administration in enacting an Appropriations measure that funds the U.S. Department of
Transportation and the grant and loan programs available to the Gateway Program,” said Gateway Development Corp. Chairman Jerry Zaro.

“It’s particularly important that a measure is included that makes crystal clear that Federal loans repaid with local funds must be counted as part of the local share of a project, as has historically been the case. The Gateway projects will access these loan programs, and New York, New Jersey and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey will pay them back. We are gratified that Congress and the Administration have recognized that it’s just common sense that those payments are local share.

“Now, we look forward to working with our Federal partners to expedite construction of a new Portal
North Bridge and rail tunnel under the Hudson River – urgent infrastructure priorities for America, not
just New York and New Jersey. Replacing the century-old one-track in, out-track out system with 21st
Century infrastructure will immediately make the busiest section of the Northeast Corridor (NEC) more
reliable, more resilient, and safer, improve quality of life and keep our economy growing.”

The Gateway Program is intended to increase resiliency and capacity along a 10-mile stretch of the NEC between Newark, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Station in New York City (PSNY). This section handles approximately 450 trains per day and over 200,000 daily Amtrak and NJ TRANSIT passenger trips, and directly serves PSNY – the busiest rail station in America. This stretch includes the North River Tunnel under the Hudson River, which has deteriorated due to age, intensive use, and damage sustained from saltwater exposure during Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

The Gateway Program includes the construction of a new Hudson Tunnel that is currently in the environmental review process. The new Hudson Tunnel would be a two-track tunnel from New Jersey to Manhattan that will directly serve PSNY. The construction of the new tunnel will allow the rehabilitation of the century-old existing North River Tunnel.

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