Nicholson Joins Atoka Pipeline Water Transmission Line Project

Nicholson Construction was recently awarded the Support of Excavation contract for two new launch shafts for the Atoka Pipeline Water Transmission Line’s microtunnel.

The Atoka Pipeline project includes the replacement of an existing water line and the construction of a new line to increase the amount of water that can be transmitted from the Atoka Reservoir in Southeast Oklahoma to the Stanley Draper Reservoir near Oklahoma City.

The current pipeline and pumping system are 50 years old.

The two new shafts each have a minimum internal diameter of 31 ft. Nicholson’s portion of the work includes the construction of secant pile rings extending to a depth of 70 ft. Below this depth the shafts will be supported by a ring beam and rib and liner plate system.

“This is a great project for Oklahoma’s local communities,” said John Wise, Vice President of Nicholson’s Major Projects group. “We’re happy to bring our experience and a great team to Oklahoma for another successful project.”

Nicholson’s portion of the work is slated to begin this fall.

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