Normet Supports Education at Savonia University of Applied Sciences

NormetNormet supports education at Savonia University of Applied Sciences by donating 10,000 euros ($11,500 US) to Savonia. The donation was handed over at Normet factory in Iisalmi, Finland, on Oct. 10, 2018, by Normet’s CEO Robin Lindahl and it was received by Seppo Lyyra, CFO of Savonia.

“Savonia University of Applied Sciences is an important partner to us and we want to deepen our cooperation with Savonia further. Savonia has been involved in training of our personnel. In a constantly evolving world, also our business changes and develops. It is therefore important to us to take care of the skills of our personnel and ensure the availability of skilled new personnel,” Lindahl said.

Mervi Vidgrén, the principal of Savonia University of Applied Sciences, is delighted with the donation. She says that engineers graduated from various programs in Savonia are desired experts in the technology industry. “It is important to Savonia that businesses see us as a strong producer of experts. Our work is particularly beneficial for companies and organizations in the region who get the best experts for their workforce now and in the future,” she said. “We are strongly involved in innovation and R&D activities of the companies.”

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