nVent Launches Fully Approved Fire-Rated Three-Way Splice (FTS) System for Tunnels

nVent recently announced the launch of its nVent PYROTENAX FTS System, an agency-approved 1-hour rated, three-way splice junction box for road and rail tunnel applications. The innovative, water-resistant system maintains power to emergency lighting in the event of a fire. Quick and easy to install, FTS is the only listed system of its kind, and features a fused design which ensures evacuation and emergency response measures remain operational, even in the event of a single unit along the circuit being consumed by fire.

Smaller, Safer, Sturdier
nVent’s FTS is smaller than other products currently on the market, meaning it consumes less valuable space within the tunnel. FTS’s fused design also makes it a safer solution in the event of a tunnel fire. If a single unit were to be engulfed by flames, its branch line’s dedicated fuse would blow, disconnecting the damaged box from the rest of the circuit and ensuring emergency lighting remained operational. In addition, FTS is designed for use with robust nVent PYROTENAX System 1850Z MI technology; the low smoke, zero halogen jacketed, 2-hour fire-rated cables with the longest cable life and warranty in the industry.

An Agency Approved Solution
nVent’s FTS is the only third-party validated junction box solution on the market today. It is UL Classified and ULC Listed as a 1-hour fire-rated splice system, fully compliant with both the UL 2196/ULC S-139 Standards and NFPA specifications. “Since 2012, the UL has required manufacturers of fire-rated cables to undergo stringent testing to ensure their products’ consistency and safety. In comparison, there has been a concerning lack of industry attention given to the safety standards of junction boxes, which are equally critical to the operational integrity of fire protection systems”, states Ryan Drury, Product Manager at nVent. “With our new, fully approved and fused system, we aim to improve the safety standards of junction boxes and enable safer emergency lighting solutions.”

Quick and Easy to Install
FTS is available as a factory preassembled option which greatly reduces the time, specialist equipment and training required to install the system on site, rendering it perfect for short downtime rehabilitation work. The short installation time results in less disruption to public transport services and lower labor costs for train, tunnel and local transport operators. The rugged nVent PYROTENAX System 1850 MI cables which feed the FTS system are also provided fully terminated, rendering it easy to replace damaged cables.

For more information about the new Fire-Rated Three-Way Splice (FTS) System, click here.

nVent Electric plc, (“nVent”) with a principal office in London, England, and U.S. management office in Minneapolis, Minn., is a global leader of inventive electrical solutions that connect and protect customers by creating safer systems to ensure a more secure world. The nearly 9,000 employees worldwide design, manufacture and distribute electrical enclosures, electric heat tracing solutions, complete heat management systems, and electrical and fastening solutions. In 2018, nVent became an independent, publicly traded company (NYSE: NVT) after separating from Pentair plc (“Pentair”).

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