NY MTA Hosts Exercise at Grand Central Madison

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Nov. 13 held a station operations exercise at Grand Central Madison, the new Long Island Rail Road terminal set to debut this year at Grand Central. Two hundred volunteers participated in an exercise to navigate the concourse and make notes on travel paths throughout the terminal, signage, and general wayfinding elements.

“As visually impressive as Grand Central Madison is, functionality is always key,” said Catherine Rinaldi, Interim Long Island Rail Road President and Metro-North Railroad President. “These exercises are an important part of getting ready to welcome our customers to the new Grand Central Madison terminal, and we look forward to the day it opens its door to all of New York.”

Approximately 200 volunteers were asked to locate specific destinations throughout the concourse and invited to provide feedback and suggestions. The event included finding exits, platforms, elevators, multiple indoor locations such as the Ticket Office, ticket vending machines and the office of the MTA Police Department. It also included external locations, such as subway connections, taxi stands, connections to Metro-North Railroad, Citi Bike locations, and other key destinations.

Grand Central Madison is the largest passenger rail terminal to be built in the country in 67 years and one of the largest transportation infrastructure projects in the United States in recent years. The two-level caverns support four platforms and eight tracks, and upon opening will deliver Long Island commuters direct access to Manhattan’s east side, offer new commuting opportunities for reverse peak travelers and enhance New York’s regional connectivity.

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