Powering the Tunneling Market

The construction of a tunnel is an extremely complex and demanding engineering task. It not only requires the right expertise and equipment, but also the right partners are needed. In such a complex process the guaranteed supply of sufficient power is a prerequisite for success.

Whether you are only tunneling just below a busy city center or far away from civilization, a guaranteed supply of power is a must. However, a fixed connection to an existing power grid is not always possible. As a tunneler you want to focus on the complex job at hand and not worry about the power supply to the TBM and all the back-up system equipment such as conveyors, slurry pipelines or ventilation mechanisms. In these cases power generation rental can be a solution. Energyst, a Cat rental company, has extensive experience with the challenges of tunneling and the unique requirements that come with it.

When it comes to power, the importance of a professional partner is critical because simply delivering power is not enough. “Customization is key because all tunneling projects are different,” says Energyst Cat Rental Power CEO Gary Smith. “This means we need to be flexible and come up with turnkey solutions every single time. For example, we support the BAM/Wayss & Freytag JV in the construction of the Corrib Onshore Tunnel by using eight 810 kVA generators instead of fewer generators with a larger capacity. This is to meet specific load demands and efficiency specifications.”

BAM Civil Ltd and Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG will construct a 4.9-km tunnel as part of the Corrib gas project, one of the largest energy infrastructure developments in Ireland. The tunnel, which will be constructed beneath an estuary on the northwest coast of Ireland, is a key element of the onshore pipeline works. A TBM with an internal diameter of 3.5 m will be used for the work. Tunneling was scheduled to start toward the end of the year and is expected to take around 15 months to complete.

Energyst is responsible for providing the power. The eight 810kVA generators are installed as part of an increased reliability package complete with load-follow supply, on-demand redundancy and remote monitoring functionality.

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