Precast Box Culvert System Used for New Pedestrian Tunnel Installed at Richmond Raceway

Oldcastle Precast provided an innovative pedestrian tunnel solution for International Speedway Corporation’s Richmond Raceway Reimagined project. The $30 million infield redevelopment will consist of modern attractions and amenities that complement the racing experience for which Richmond Raceway is known.

The new and improved design of the pedestrian tunnel is wider, providing fans with a more comfortable way to access the updated infield. The new tunnel also includes an elevator for added convenience and ADA accessibility.

Recognizing the benefits of precast, the project team selected precast concrete box culvert segments as the best solution to construct the pedestrian tunnel.

The General Contractor Barton Malow contracted Oldcastle Precast’s Fredericksburg, Virginia, location to design, engineer and manufacture the 49 precast concrete box culverts used to create the 415-ft tunnel. Of the box culvert segments produced, three were designed to elevate the walkway upward to get the tunnel back to the concourse level.

“Precast concrete culverts can be used in countless applications. They install fast, provide the highest level of strength and durability, are less dependent on backfill, require little to no maintenance, can withstand more aggressive compacting and are manufactured locally,” said Doug Bruhns Regional Manager at Oldcastle Precast. “The use of precast tunnel segments provided Richmond Raceway an efficiently constructed tunnel that saved both time and money and was constructed in just five days. In addition, the structure will last and perform well for years to come.”

To construct the pedestrian tunnel, a portion of the racetrack was removed, the area was excavated, and the foundation was prepared for the installation of the precast concrete box culvert segments.

President of Alpine Construction Corporation Scot Hawthorne remarked, “All went very smoothly. We could have set all the box culvert in three days if we had to, it went that well. The Oldcastle Precast dispatcher was fantastic and stayed on top of everything, calling every day to check progress.”

The final assembly of the 10×10 precast box culvert segments is comprised of 6,506 cubic yards of concrete, 220,326 square feet of slab, and 256,000 pounds of rebar. It measures 415 lf and weighs 1,100 tons.

Construction continues at the Richmond Raceway, which is expected to be completed by September 2018, in time for playoff races for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup and XFINITY Series.

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