Stantec Earns Award for Ottawa Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel

StantecStantec, a global leader in sustainable design and engineering, has been awarded four Canadian Consulting Engineering (CCE) Awards. The awards honor outstanding achievements in the consulting engineering industry and highlight the important work consulting engineers do in communities across Canada and the world.

This year, Stantec was awarded the Schreyer Award, which is the award program’s highest honor. The Schreyer Award is presented annually to the best technical entry. Stantec also received Awards of Excellence for its Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity Program, as well as the firm’s work on Ottawa’s Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel.

Schreyer Award & Award of Excellence: Calgary International Airport East Deicing Apron

In the fall of 2018, WestJet and Air Canada asked the Calgary Airport Authority (YYC) for a centralized aircraft deicing facility, or deicing apron, to speed up wait times. With growing air traffic demands and larger airplanes, deicing could take up to 40 minutes at the gates—at-gate deicing couldn’t keep the busiest airport in Alberta running efficiently. Stantec’s team worked closely with YYC on designing a solution. An 11-hectare deicing apron, including the critical diversion structure, diverts and contains deicing glycol runoff for treatment and recycling. This project successfully reduced taxi times from 40 minutes to an average of 17 minutes, improved the passenger experience, reinforced YYC’s environmental policies and stewardship, and maintained consistent glycol containment.

The jury called Stantec’s deicing project exciting for its dynamic approach, which allowed the firm to make changes quickly during modelling and construction, and praised its used of carbon injection in concrete to reduce emissions.

Award of Excellence: Stantec’s Inclusion, Diversity &, Equity Program

Stantec’s Inclusion, Diversity & Equity efforts recognizes the importance of distinct perspectives and experiences on delivering innovation and producing transformational work. The program focuses on driving inclusion and diversity not only within Stantec’s offices and projects but also within the larger engineering industry and community. Through providing a range of opportunities, resources, and events, the firm encourages its employees to take personal accountability and drive change internally and throughout the communities they serve.

Award of Excellence: Ottawa Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel

The City of Ottawa’s Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel (CSST), the marquee project of the Ottawa River Action Plan, will greatly reduce the frequency of combined sewage overflows, reduce the risk of flooding in the downtown core, and add resiliency to the operation of the system. Stantec served as the City’s lead design consultant from the initial environmental assessment through design, implementation, and construction support. The CSST—an engineering feat featuring two interconnected deep-rock tunnels built with precision beneath businesses, historic sites, and old sewers—places the City amongst the world’s leaders in wet weather flow management, targeting a performance level that well exceeds current industry regulations and guidelines. Environmental Engineer Colin Goodwin, a key member of the project team, recently made Canadian Consulting Engineer’s Top 10 Under 40 list.

The Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards, organized jointly by ACEC-Canada and Canadian Consulting Engineer magazine, celebrates these contributions. The CCE Awards, the industry’s highest honours, are offered only to the most remarkable engineering feats featured in projects by Canadian firms.

ACEC represents companies in Canada that provide professional engineering services to both public and private sector clients. These services include the planning, design, and execution of all types of engineering projects, as well as providing independent advice and expertise in a wide range of engineering and engineering-related fields. Canadian Consulting Engineer is a privately owned magazine for professional engineers working as consultants in the construction field. It is published by Annex Business Media.

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