TBM Video Interview with IWT’s Gary Sergent

Truly Wireless Comms and Data Designed for Underground Use

TBM editor Jim Rush sits down with Gary Sergent, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing with IWT. They discuss IWT’s company background and its innovative offerings for the tunneling industry in North America.

IWT handset

 Innovative Wireless Technologies (IWT) believes that being underground shouldn’t mean being out-of-touch, and should always be reliable. IWT systems are designed specifically for underground environment, unlike surface technologies that often do not face up to the challenge.

Our networks are highly-reliable, scalable, and offer a wide variety of integrated products and solutions.  From crystal-clear voice communication and real-time tracking, to multi-gas monitoring and data analytics, an IWT network is an expandable, single network that is easier to use and less costly to operate and maintain.

Regardless of tunnel height, length or construction material, an IWT network has you covered with multiple infrastructure solutions including fixed-location line powered devices, or rapidly deployable battery units.  Additionally, IWT solutions are completely recoverable after project completion for redeployment at your next jobsite.

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Innovative Wireless Technologies, Inc. (IWT) is an engineering company specializing in wireless solutions for commercial, industrial, public safety and defense markets. In addition, IWT is the leading supplier of wireless communication and tracking systems for underground operations, as well as the trusted provider for underground high data rate transfer, gas monitoring, and mine analytics.  IWT’s team of forward-thinking engineers continue to develop underground solutions to meet the evolving needs of its customers.   Always thinking. Always solving.  Always innovative.  Start the conversation today at iwtwireless.com.


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