TERRATEC Delivers Microtunnelling System to Thailand

Terratec Thailand On July 4, TERRATEC successfully completed the factory acceptance tests of a new DN1500 microtunnelling system. The ceremony was held in TERRATEC new facilities in Thailand, in the presence of the representatives from the buyer, Nawarat Patanakarn PCL.

The MTBM is a pipe jacking system designed to handle standard concrete pipes 1,500 mm ID, 1,800 mm OD and 2,500 mm in length to be used by the contractor in different drainage projects for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA). The system is designed to excavate tunnel drives up to 350 m in length with the assistance of one or two intermediate jacking stations. TERRATEC’s scope of supply includes the shield, the main jacking station, intermediate jacking stations, the slurry transport system, a digital guidance system and a control room on the surface with the operation panel and power pack.

The system was designed by TERRATEC at its engineering center in Hobart, Australia, and the production and assembly was done in TERRATEC’s new plant in Thailand, with key components coming mainly from Australia and Japan. In the last two years, the company has sold 14 microtuneling systems with diameters ranging from 300 mm to 1,800 mm in Southeast Asia, which is why TERRATEC’s management decided to set up the production and maintenance center of its microtunneling division in Thailand.

TERRATEC is well known in the industry as a tunnel boring machines and raise boring machines designer and manufacturer and with the current orders for pipe jacking systems, the company completes its range of tunneling machinery and expects to become a lead supplier also in the small diameter tunneling market.

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