Tunnel Engineering Services (TES) Expands Operations

Tunnel Engineering Services Ltd. (TES) announced that it recently expanded its tunneling machine operations with the acquisition of a second production site in Oldham, U.K. Having worked from its original site for many years, the changing market for tunneling equipment has meant that the company is increasingly being called on to manufacture larger diameter tunneling systems for an increasing number of clients.

According to Geoff Clarke, MD of TES: “This changing market led us to search out a new manufacturing facility to enable us to meet the changing needs of our client base, so an upsize in operations was the only way forward. The move has enabled us to increase the maximum diameters of our tunneling systems from 3 m ID to 5 m ID. The new unit has effectively doubled the available workshop space.”

The new site now operates as the manufacturing facility for TES, with the original site focussing on the company’s hire business.

As always with TES machines, the tunneling units are taken from the concept stage, in discussion with the client, through the design stage to final manufacture and transport to site.

TES machines can be designed for operations in any ground type from soft ground formations such as clays etc., through harder ground types to full-face hard rock configurations.

Clarke went on to say: “Since our move into the new premises our turnover has increased by about 60 percent and we feel there is more yet to come. We are currently looking at a further move to a completely new site nearby that will enable us to consolidate both the hire and manufacturing operations into a single site whilst giving us further room for expansion as and when required, including the facility to manufacture even larger diameter machines in the future. Our situation is currently very dynamic.”

As well as its own range of for-hire tunneling systems, TES continues to offer a range of Akkerman-built microtunnelling systems and TBMs as well as the Akkerman Guided Boring Machines (GBMs) for smaller diameters. These Akkerman units are also available for sale, with full product support and backup from TES, as Akkerman’s exclusive dealership in the United Kingdom.

Currently in the works TES has in manufacture a 1.2 m ID excavator unit and a 1.5 ID tunnel boring machine. In the near future TES is expecting a unit in for refurbishment and rebuild on completion of its first drive on tunneling works with contractor Costain. In addition to this the company is also currently producing 15 m diameter cutting edge, a 48-600 H Auger Bore machine and a variety of other tunneling back-up and support equipment.

In closing Geoff said: “Whilst TES has been a well-recognized name in the tunneling sector now for over 20 years, the next year or so could well see significant changes in how the tunneling world views our company. Despite the general down turn we have not stood still and continue to look to new markets and an expansion in client base that will see us supporting the tunnelling industry for many years to come.”

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