Zurich Offers New Risk Management App to Help Improve Safety

Risk Zurich North America Insurance is offering a new construction app through Zurich Services Corp. designed to help its construction customers manage their risks and help improve safety, quality and insights while on the job. Subscriptions to the Zurich Construction Solutions app are now available industry wide.

“Our construction customers have told us about the struggles they face on their job sites related to quality and safety,” said Jon Tate, Vice President of Construction, Zurich Services Corporation, Risk Engineering Zurich North America. “As we engaged customers, it became apparent many of them were looking for a way to more easily collect and trend data in real time to address their concerns. We heard them and are excited to be able to offer this digitally driven solution.”

Through the mobile app, workers are able to complete reports and assign observations related to dangerous conditions or sub-quality work on job sites in a digital manner. The information is then available to risk managers and supervisors in near real-time, allowing them to react to individual issues quickly, as well as see trends across the larger data set. The app also can help track and confirm that safety, program and quality controls are being addressed.

Zurich Construction Solutions also provides the ability to link a specific form to a QR code so any employee, contractor, subcontractor or vendor involved with a specific job site can complete a required form such as one for documenting an equipment inspection, even if they have not downloaded the app.

The app also can be used to send digital “push messages” to users, such as product recall alerts, risk alert notices, reminders about webinars and information about emergency preparedness for storms and other important topics.

The construction solutions app was developed with Real Time Risk Solution, a  developer and technology provider offering sustainable, economical and immediately implementable technology solutions  that can be deployed on smartphones, tablet devices and PCs.  The  developer was chosen for its ability to provide flexibility to quickly adapt to the needs of Zurich’s customers.

Zurich launched a pilot to test the app in February with a handful of its construction customers. Following the success of the test run, the Zurich Construction Solutions app is now available industry wide.

Interested parties can learn more about the Zurich Construction Solutions app or get info on how to purchase an annual subscription by clicking here.

Zurich North America offers Risk Engineering guidance through the Zurich Services Corp. Risk Engineering solutions help businesses of all sizes build resilience to today’s evolving, interconnected risk landscape by helping them identify exposures, reduce potential losses, improve safety, build resilience and effectively manage loss control programs. Every year Zurich’s 800+ Risk Engineers around the globe conduct more than 60,000 risk assessments tailored to the unique challenges facing its customers.

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