Astaldi Awarded Metro Contract in Turkey


With its approximately 14 million residents, Istanbul is also one of the largest cities worldwide.

Astaldi has announced that, in a joint venture, it has been awarded a new EPC contract in Turkey involving the Kirazli-Halkalı
section of the Istanbul Underground. The $683 million EPC contract includes the carrying out the civil works and the electromechanical systems.

The project calls for building 10 km of double-tube tunnel, 7 km of which dug using TBMs, as well as 9 stations with annexed car parks and
a depot area. The works are slated to begin in coming days, and are scheduled to take about two and a half years.

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The works will be performed by the Astaldi Group (15% stake), in a joint venture with the Turkish companies Makyol (29%), Ictas (28%), and Kalyon (28%). The Customer is the Municipality of Istanbul.

The Astaldi Group has been operating for more than 30 years in Turkey. The Astaldi Group is one of the leading general contractors in Italy and one of the top 25 at a European level in the construction sector, where it is also a sponsor of project finance initiatives. It has been active for 90 years at an international level and is involved on the design, construction and operation of public infrastructures and large-scale
engineering works.

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