Atlas Copco Simba S7 Provides Precise Production Drilling


Simba S7 D is a long-hole drilling rig adapted for small- to medium-sized drifts.

Underground operations have the flexibility of modular automation in a longhole drill rig built for small spaces and tough conditions with the Atlas Copco Simba S7. The Simba S7 and its precise drilling ensures higher productivity with less waste, according to the company.

The Simba S7 offers the precision, reliability, and flexibility of add-on automated features in a rig designed to operate in small to medium drifts.

Modular automation allows drillers to choose from a range of features beginning with ABC Regular, a one-hole automation system. ABC Regular enables options like Drill Plan Handling and Void Detection, and the Extractor for greater control throughout more of the drilling process in broken rock conditions, even fully automated drilling.

Full automation offers the greatest enhancement in overall productivity by maintaining optimum drilling parameters for every hole in the pattern, as well as allowing operations to continue through shift changes and breaks.

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Mikael Larslin, Atlas Copco product manager for the Simba S7, attributed the rig’s ability to increase productivity up to 10 percent to its industry-leading automation: “The concept is the winning combination of our RCS control system, the rig’s integrated angle instrument and its automated software options. Together they make it possible for the rig to adapt according to rock condition, drilling highly precise holes.”

Larslin said the Simba S7 increases a mine’s flexibility and precision even while improving the operator’s working environment, enhancing both worker safety and satisfaction. “Simba S7 demonstrates the precision of state-of-the-art automation,” Larslin said. “This rig is really a game changer.”

Available globally in all markets, the Simba S7 completes the Atlas Copco Simba range, offering a production drilling rig to fit any mining application.

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