Avanti International Becomes Minority-Owner of US Grout LLC

For more than 20 years, US Grout (Idaho) and Avanti International (Texas) have partnered to deliver Ultrafine cementitious grouts – a permanent, deeply-penetrating, densely curing cementitious grout for sealing fractures in rock, controlling ground water, and stabilizing weak soils. March 27 marked a significant milestone as US Grout and Avanti formalized their longstanding partnership, solidifying their commitment to the industry.

US Grout, LLC was formed in 1998 with the primary purpose of producing a high-quality, durable, Ultrafine cementitious grout for sealing microfractures within the underground nuclear Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in Eunice, New Mexico. In the fall of that same year, US Grout and Avanti joined forces for the distribution of this specialized grout into other markets. “Avanti has played a pivotal role in educating the industry on the safe and effective utilization of cementitious grouts for water control, soil, and rock stabilization” says Mike Hess, CEO, Hess Pumice. “Over the years, our partnership has deepened as we continually collaborate with Avanti in producing, researching, developing, and distributing Ultrafine cementitious grouts globally”.

“US Grout and the Hess family have been instrumental in the ongoing production and continued use of Ultrafine cement around the world, and the Avanti Team is honored to officially be brought into the fold. Our goal is to continue to provide exceptional technical support for the US Grout products and their applications” says Britt N. Babcock, PE, President of Avanti.

Proud to be American Made. Avanti and US Grout are proud to be American owned and operated companies. US Grout produces the only American-made Ultrafine cementitious grout available in the world today. There is a stable North American supply for your cementitious grouting projects. Avanti is the exclusive distributor of US Grout cementitious grout products around the world.

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