BART Silicon Valley Phase II Project: Early Contractor Engagement Begins

The stretch of the BART Silicon Valley extension into Downtown San Jose and Santa Clara is entering the procurement stage of the project. For this mega project, currently at an early design stage, the procurement process begins with seeking out contractors and subcontractors to initially provide feedback, later respond to requests for proposals, then ultimately finish the design and physically build the 6-mile extension of the system including four stations.

Barnard Company

VTA released a Request for Industry Feedback (RFIF) on Sept. 16. This RFIF is the first one of four and pertains to the upcoming contract for tunnel and track work. RFIFs are being issued to gauge interest in the four major project-related contracts from the transit design-build contractor community, and to obtain specific feedback on the scope of the contract.

The four contract categories are:

  1. Tunnel and Track work including the bored tunnel construction, procurement of the tunnel boring machine, long tunnel conveyors, precast tunnel lining and tunnel interior structures, including station platforms.
  2. Systems including system wide equipment/fixtures such as large emergency ventilation fans, tunnel lighting, communication systems, bulk power supply stations, traction power, line electrical, radio and Train Control.
  3.  Stations including utilities, site preparation work, station structure and platform, ventilation and egress shaft and underground station support of excavation installation.
  4. Newhall Yard/Santa Clara Station, including Maintenance and Operations Yard and buildings, yard track and rail, civil site restoration and demobilization, and the full construction of the street level Santa Clara Station and parking garage.

An RFIF for the Systems contract will follow by the end of the month, with the other two contract RFIFs to be announced later. Early construction activities are planned to begin in 2022 with substantial construction completed by 2028, followed by systems testing, integration, and safety certification. For more contract details and information, download this brochure.

VTA encourages certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) seeking construction, purchasing and professional services contracts to register to become a vendor with VTA. For those businesses potentially eligible and not yet certified, VTA can assist with certification when needed.

VTA’s Business Diversity Programs include the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program for federally funded projects, the Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program for state funded projects and the Minority, Women, Disabled Veterans and LGBT Business Enterprise Programs for locally funded projects.

VTA is eager to receive industry feedback on this innovative infrastructure project, the largest in Santa Clara County history.

To register to become a vendor with VTA, receive information about upcoming solicitations and more, visit https://www.vta.org/business-center

Learn more about VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Phase II Project at https://www.vta.org/projects/bart-sv/phase-ii/contracting.

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