BASF launches Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Resource Center

BASF BASF has launched its Global Virtual Design and Construction Resource Center which offers BIM digital content as well as digital construction tools to support product selection, specification and use. The VDC Resource Center brings together a global network of construction experts with architectural, engineering and contracting backgrounds who can support customers, planners and architects with consultation and access to the entire construction chemicals portfolio of BASF.

With more than 200 BIM objects, and soon more than 400 Revit models, the BASF BIM portfolio is the largest in the construction chemicals industry. It covers thirteen construction industry segments, such as Waterproofing Systems, Performance Flooring, Concrete Repair or Protective Coatings, as well as Expansion Control Systems and Wall Systems.

These digital solutions are accessible in more than ten languages from the BASF brands Master Builders Solutions, Watson Bowman Acme and Senergy. Over the coming years, BASF will continue to grow its offering and expand into new product segments and industry sectors to provide further value for construction professionals.

“We are fully committed to the entire construction industry. As digitalization is now heavily affecting the industry, we are investing into our digital offerings to be the preferred partner for our stakeholders. Our new Virtual Design and Construction Resource Center is an ideal way to support construction professionals as they adopt digital practices, by providing access to our specifications and user tools via the largest range of BIM objects. The advantage of our digital content is that it represents products and solutions based on our advanced chemistry, giving the industry early and easy access to our innovative and sustainable portfolio”, said Ralf Spettmann, President Construction Chemicals division at BASF.

BASF is the first global construction chemicals supplier to have developed an internal standard for digital creation, quality control and maintenance for BIM content. This is based on best practices from current global standards including British Standards Institute (BSI), BIM Forum, American Institute of Architects (AIA), American Concrete Institute (ACI), International Standards Organization (ISO), and other sources.

Spettmann added: “After thousands of downloads, customers are reporting ease of use and reliable objects. They can be certain that our objects offer a high level of content quality based on a cross-reference of global industry standards and best practices.”

Customers, planners and architects can easily access the digital assets from anywhere around the globe via multiple libraries and platforms. Main access points are the new global BASF Virtual Design and Construction Resources landing page, BIMObject Library, BIMsmith Market, and NBS National BIM Library, as well as Master Builders Solutions’ Online Planning Tool. All information can be found at:

New BASF Construction Chemicals landing page:


BimObject Library:


NBS National BIM Library:


BIMsmith Market:


Online Planning Tool – easy, fast, and smart specification tool

With the Online Planning Tool, Master Builders Solutions has developed an innovative specification tool that not only helps construction professionals find the right solutions for their projects quickly and easily, but also adjusts flexibly to changing project requirements and provides crucial information along each step of the project-planning process. The Online Planning Tool is available in local languages in over ten European countries, as well as in English. Technical data sheets, specification documents, declarations of performance, certificates, BIM objects, as well as, where available, relevant reference projects and application videos supplement the data. With a single click, product and application pricing information can be requested, and the project report is compiled and immediately made available for download. More information is available at:




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