Beavers & UCA Provide Support to Purdue Construction Engineering and Management (CEM)

(L-r) John Bollier, Tom Iseley and Dave Woods at Purdue University.

The Beavers is a heavy engineering construction association. It is a social, honorary organization formed in 1955. It was organized and continues to be managed by construction companies and individuals who are or have engaged in heavy engineering construction. The Beavers encourages students to be involved with the heavy engineering construction industry. On Oct.3-4, Dave Woods (Executive Director Beavers, Inc. & Beavers Charitable Trust) and John Bollier (President of the Board of Directors for the Beavers and Stacy & Witbeck Inc.) visited the division of Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) at Purdue University and met with CEM students and faculty members. The CEM at Purdue University started in 1979. Dr. Tom Iseley joined the CEM at Purdue University in 2020 and his position at Purdue (Beavers Heavy Construction Distinguished Fellow) is funded in part by the Beavers.

On Oct. 22, 20 UCA of SME, NASTT, and ASCE G-I Student Chapters members at Purdue University along with three CEM faculty members visited the Three Rivers Protection & Overflow Reduction Tunnel (3RPORT) project in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Special thanks to Lance Waddell (Lane Construction) and Sara Doran (Schnabel Engineering) for hosting Purdue University group and showing the tunnel. The tunnel depth is about 220 ft below the ground surface. The 3RPORT project is segmentally lined tunnel with 19-ft bore diameter and 16-ft finished diameter. There are seven connections to the tunnel (drop shafts). The project will reduce the number of CSOs into the rivers by 90% (it can convey about 800 million gallons per day).

Also, thanks to Everett Litton (WSP) for making the trip arrangement. Purdue CEM would like to express sincere appreciation to UCA and all the affiliated Down For That societies (UCA of SME, ASCE, DFI, Beavers, Moles, and NASTT) for providing the financial support for this trip.

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